Event Rentals

Rent our Laser Clay system for your next event! Whether it’s a carnival, school camp or a corporate event, having clay shooting will definitely be the highlight activity that’ll get everyone excited!

You can have Laser Clay Shooting as part of your carnival event, as long as you have the minimum area
(30m x 10m) required at your event ground.

Whether you want to hold a tournament, or you wish to have it in free play style, it’s up to you to decide on the concept. You can even have a highest-scorer of the day at the carnival. Laser Clay Shooting is so addictive, you’re sure to have players queuing up to play again and again! Contact us for a detailed discussion!

If you’re looking for a fun, unique and exciting sport to be part of your camp itinerary, Laser Clay Shooting is just what you need! It is ideal for university hall camps, school training camps, CCA camps and any other occasions that you can think of! Through this sport, lessons like patience, focus, composure and perseverance can be brought across and it can help to build individual confidence as well. We can even help you to integrate our other interesting components like Combat Skirmish, ZOVB and many others.    

SYSTEM RENTAL (* with minimum duration of 2 hours)
Hourly sessions: $500/hr for the whole system in the first hour and $300 subsequently

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